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Leadership Team
Rev. Ellen Johnson-Price Chair 21

Ruling Elder Paula Long Moderator 19

Vacant Mod-elect 19

Rev. Henry Woodall Ministry Commission co-moderator 19

Ruling Elder Jan Burger Ministry Commission co-moderator 20

Ruling Elder Ida Olemaun Native Ministries Moderator 19

Ruling Elder Clyde Kaneshiro Native Ministries Representative 20

Vacant Road System Representative 21

Ruling Elder Bob Christensen Stewardship Committee Moderator 20

Rev. Curt Karns EP (Ex-officio)

Ruling Elder Sharon Rayt Stated Clerk (Ex-officio) 21

Ruling Elder Joseph Brock Treasurer (Ex-officio) 20

Ruling Elder Ron Illingworth Commissioner to Synod (Ex-officio) 19

Rev. Piper Cartland Commissioner to Synod (Ex-officio) 18