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Village Ministry Cost Sharing
Sharing is both a biblical value and an Alaskan value. Iñupiat and St. Lawrence Island Yupik Native Americans both teach and live an ethic of sharing one’s God-given resources with those around them. The blanket toss, an Iñupiat cultural event, can serve as a good symbol for this. Only when the whole community pull together, can the “jumper” fly high, as a sign of gratitude expressed by the whole community.

Eight Presbytery of Yukon congregations are in villages located hundreds of miles from the larger population centers and are accessible only by air. This means that fuel (and any other cargo) brought to the villages must bear a large extra transportation fee, resulting in fuel prices running anywhere from 50% to 150% more than in Anchorage.

The Presbytery of Yukon confers with the sessions of village churches and often shares the cost of fuel oil to keep churches and manses heated. The presbytery also shares insurance costs, and keeps a reserve for emergencies. Your gift will make this possible.

If you have any questions or to find out more about this, please contact the Presbytery office at 907-276-0914 or office@pbyukon.org.