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Legacy Giving

If you are interested in legacy giving, there are many possible options. The Presbytery of Yukon currently has three endowments set up:

» Presbytery of Yukon Mission Endowment Fund - 39822 (Account # 1021100609)
Established: October 1994
Purpose: For Mission as the donor may determine from time to time.

» Miriam Snow Mathes Internship Fund - 45624 (Account Number: 102240101745)
Purpose: To be used only in support of one or more seminary students, to have internship experiences of up to one year in local congregations within the bounds of the Presbytery of Alaska and the Presbytery of Yukon. The awards are to be made at the sole discretion of the Presbytery of Alaska and the Presbytery of Yukon, by such procedures as said Presbyteries shall determine from time to time, and shall be in response to applications by local congregations, except that seminary students receiving support must be under the care of a Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Typically the award shall be in support of persons during their seminary years, but at the sole discretion of said Presbyteries, awards may be made to persons for the period immediately following completion of their seminary studies. This Fund is to be known as the Miriam Snow Mathes Internship Fund and award recipients are to be known as Miriam Snow Mathes Interns. The Presbytery of Alaska and the Presbytery of Yukon are not obligated to expend any or all of said Net Income each year, but may retain some or all of the Net Income for one or more years, either in order to accumulate a larger sum of money for subsequent award, or in the event that there is not a sufficient number of suitable seminary candidates or of appropriate applications from congregations in any given year or years. It is the hope of the Donor that both the congregation and the intern will derive benefit from the internship. The awards are outright grants, not loans, and there is no requirement or expectation of repayment. However, it is the hope of the Donor that both the interns and the congregations involved will be informed that the principal of the Miriam Snow Mathes Internship Fund may at any time be increased by gifts from any person, or church, or organization.

» J. Earl Jackman Leadership Development Fund - 48108 (Account Number: 102240102127)
Purpose: To be used for the development of lay pastoral leadership.

You may give directly to any of these existing endowments by going to this link:

How to start your own Endowment
Establish an endowment fund to make an expression of your faith that will provide a perpetual stream of support for your congregation or chosen ministry today, tomorrow and well into the future. A permanent endowment fund is created through an irrevocable gift of $25,000 or more to the Foundation. The Foundation holds and professionally manages the fund and pays income from the fund in perpetuity to the church or ministry you select as the endowment's beneficiary. See more at:

Legacy Giving Brochures:

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